Seatbelts are required..!


Everyone wants their pc or laptop to run blindingly fast! Just like this gal on the left. Speed is good! It seems like we can’t get enough of it. Computer and memory chip manufacturers as well as software developers spend millions in R&D every day pushing the technology limits on computer hardware, software and network speed limitations.  We all want more of it… we can’t get enough of it!

Yet ironically its the end user who is the largest contributor in reducing the speed of their PCs and laptops almost immediately after they purchase it. How? By not being aware of, or ignoring the simple fact, that like everything else in this universe, if you don’t maintain your PC like your own personal health, or a beautiful lawn or garden, it will tend toward chaos. Its just a law of nature it seems.  Computer service people know this fact very well.  The informed technicians know that there are routine maintenance tasks that need to be performed on a computer that if not done regularly, will slow down its performance over time and usage. Many people ignore this. Result? Several months later you are wondering why the speed of your PC has slowed.

There are thousands of different software programs available on the market that attempt to organize, package and address many of the fundamental pc health and maintenance issues in an effort to maximize pc speed. We have taken to time to list some of the very best.

Here are the top 5 software utilities for maximizing the speed of any computer on the market today:

Often there are also speed issues that can be resolved just by using a good simple registry cleaner like RegCure or CCleaner.  You can read all about these top Registry Cleaners in the following Registry Cleaner Review

We will expand on these products in the next few articles…  Just be aware you can’t go wrong with any of them but some do a better job in certain areas than others.  Compare their features.