The Need For Speed… PC Speed That Is..!

The Need For Speed… PC Speed That Is..!

Seatbelts are required..!


Everyone wants their pc or laptop to run blindingly fast! Just like this gal on the left. Speed is good! It seems like we can’t get enough of it. Computer and memory chip manufacturers as well as software developers spend millions in R&D every day pushing the technology limits on computer hardware, software and network speed limitations.  We all want more of it… we can’t get enough of it!

Yet ironically its the end user who is the largest contributor in reducing the speed of their PCs and laptops almost immediately after they purchase it. How? By not being aware of, or ignoring the simple fact, that like everything else in this universe, if you don’t maintain your PC like your own personal health, or a beautiful lawn or garden, it will tend toward chaos. Its just a law of nature it seems.  Computer service people know this fact very well.  The informed technicians know that there are routine maintenance tasks that need to be performed on a computer that if not done regularly, will slow down its performance over time and usage. Many people ignore this. Result? Several months later you are wondering why the speed of your PC has slowed.

There are thousands of different software programs available on the market that attempt to organize, package and address many of the fundamental pc health and maintenance issues in an effort to maximize pc speed. We have taken to time to list some of the very best.

Here are the top 5 software utilities for maximizing the speed of any computer on the market today:

Often there are also speed issues that can be resolved just by using a good simple registry cleaner like RegCure or CCleaner.  You can read all about these top Registry Cleaners in the following Registry Cleaner Review

We will expand on these products in the next few articles…  Just be aware you can’t go wrong with any of them but some do a better job in certain areas than others.  Compare their features.

Accessory Software for iPod / iPhone / iPad and iTunes

Accessory Software for iPod / iPhone / iPad and iTunes

If you would like to get the most out of your iPod / iPad and iPhone we hope you fine the information and links below useful… CuCuSoft for instance is an outstanding software supplier for all things Apple related.

iPod / iPad and iPhone Accessory Software Review

If you are having problems with iTunes software, syncing or uploading or downloading and installing iTunes you might want to also check the information over at for a solution and step by step instructions. There is also uninstaller software over at Rockbridge Downloads if you cannot uninstall iTunes successfully. The products below however are all excellent accessory and utility software for Apple hardware devices but are not designed for troubleshooting and solving iTunes software problems.

iPad / iPhone / iPod Computer Transfer / Backup / Recovery Software Tool Kits

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits are an easy to use utilities designed to help you back / restore up all your files on your iPhone, so that you can recover any lost or missing songs, videos, books, photos and so on.

Cucusoft iPhone Tool Kits can easily backup and transfer iPhone songs, videos, photos, SMS, call list, contacts and books (you purchased via iBook Store) to computer. And even enable your iPhone as a removable hard disk.

These folks are the leader in Apple accessory software and are rated highly in numerous on line reviews. If you are serious about maintaining your investments in Apple’s great products but are frustrated at times with their product maintenance software, then products from this vendor are worth exploring along with some of the other products we have listed in this article.

More Information / Developer’s Homepage



Media Widget

Transfer Your Music Seamlessly
Media Widget iPod Music Transfer ProgramMediaWidget is an easy to use iPhone & iPod transfer utility designed to help you get your iPod contents off of any iPhone & iPod and back into iTunes, or from your iTunes onto your iPod. This software is the quickest and easiest way to transfer all of your music, videos, photos, podcasts, and more from your iPod to your PC! I Now it also includes iPad support !

MediaWidget is an easy to use iPod utility designed to help you get more out of your iPod. Recover lost or missing music, backup and restore all of your iPod content, play music on your PC directly from your iPod, and that’s not all.

If you want an alternative to iTunes software for organizing your music on your Apple device, this product is one of the most popular iTunes alternatives on the market today.

More Information / Developer’s Homepage

Stellar Phoenix iPod Data Recovery

iPod Music / Data Recovery SoftwareThis software recovers damaged or deleted data from your corrupted or crashed iPod.

Key Features:

  • Recovers music files, video files, pod casts, audio books, graphic files and documents.
  • Quick recovery of deleted files – in perfect condition.
  • Restores the playlist in the same order as before recovery.
  • Compatible with all generations of iPod classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and iPod Touch.
  • Universal Binary Application


WordPress 3.3 Upgrade Review

WordPress 3.3 Upgrade Review

WordPress Release 3.3 Now Available

The WordPress software consortium has just released their new version 3.3 system upgrade. If you are a client of Rockbridge Designs, or if you have a website running WordPress as your Content Management System, you may have already seen the notice of a new release at the top of your dashboard area. WordPress 3.3 has a number of new features that is sure to improve your life, and web publishing experience. Okay, maybe just the last one 🙂


What’s New in Version 3.3 ?

Easier Uploading

File Type Detection

Version 3.3 has streamlined things! Instead of needing to click on a specific upload icon based on your file type, now there’s just one. Once your file is uploaded, the appropriate fields will be displayed for entering information based on the file type.

Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader

Adding photos or other files to posts and pages just got easier. Drag files from your desktop and drop them into the uploader. Add one file at a time, or many at once.


How To Make Manual Registry Repairs: Some Alternatives

How To Make Manual Registry Repairs: Some Alternatives

Fix The Windows Registry In 3 Steps:

Method:  Manual  |  Monetary Cost:  None  |  Skill Level: Experienced

So your PC is running at turtle-speed and won’t stop freezing, crashing and displaying constant error messages.What can you do about it Right Now?Follow this DIY guide on how you can bring back the smooth-running computer you used to have.

1. Identify the problem

Before doing anything else, let’s make sure your computer’s problems don’t have anything to do with a virus, spyware/malware, or any third-party software. Run a full anti-virus scan, as well as a full spyware scan; that way we can pinpoint the problem.If neither the anti-virus nor the spyware scans fix anything, the problem most likely lies in the Windows Registry.If that’s the case:

2. Backup your registry

Important!  Before continuing: Please note that if you’re using a good registry cleaning program like, RegCure, it will automatically back up your registry, allowing you to skip this step.Before you do anything to your registry, it’s crucial to do a full backup, in the event that anything goes wrong. If you’re making any adjustments to your registry yourself, rest assured that it’s very easy to render your computer totally useless; in which case you’ll be glad you took the time to make a backup.Depending on which version of Windows you’re using, running a backup is slightly different. Choose your version from the list below for a full guide on how to do one:
WARNING–  Do not attempt to edit, change “repair” or tamper with the registry in any way, shape or form unless you are a trained computer technician or you are confident in what you are doing. Even the tiniest of alteration in the registry can cause serious problems – even to the point of rendering your computer completely unable to function. If you are uncomfortable about proceeding it is strongly recommended that you use a reputable registry cleaning utility, like RegCure or PC Speed Maximizer, instead of risking catastrophic computer crash, and the loss of all your files.  You can find a comparison of registry clean up programs in our review section. If you have experience, proceed at your own risk.


How To Fix 0XE8000022 Error

How To Fix 0XE8000022 Error

How To Fix 0XE8000022 Error Message
0XE8000022 Error is a common windows error caused by misconfigured system files. which indicate that your system is having a corrupt registry entries.

We strongly recommend that you Download a Registry Scan Tool to check your windows registry and identify related errors.

“We highly recommend the free scan and download, RegCure, to fix this problem”

Problem: 0XE8000022 (Error Message)
Possible Causes:

  • When windows gives you an 0XE8000022 error message it means:

  • that there is a 94% chance that your windows registry is damaged.

    Recommended Solution:
    (1) Download and install a quality  Registry Scan Tool.

    (2) Click the “Scan Your Registry” Button. and wait for the scan to finish.

    (3) Click the “Repair” button to fix the errors.

    Tip: After fixing all errors  you have found – you need to restart your computer for this registry changes to take effect.