MAC Flash to Movie Converter

MAC Flash to Movie Converter

Doremisoft SWF to MOV converter for mac is an ideal choice for Mac users to convert Flash SWF format files to Mac compatible MOV format to play with QuickTime Player or import/edit the flash SWF files with iMovie, Final Cut Express(FCE), Final Cut Pro(FCP). Morever, it can fully support the updated Mac lion OSX 10.7.

Except for that, SWF to MOV for mac can also convert SWF files to all popular video, HD video and audio formats, such as AVI, MP4, MKV, 3GP, 3G2, VOB, WMV, DivX, XviD, MPEG-1/2, MP3, AAC, and AC3 Audio etc.

Key Features:
1.Convert SWF to video and audio easily
SWF to MOV converter for Mac supports convert SWF files to MOV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, 3GP,DV,H.264 etc and extract audio from video and save as MP3. WMA, RA, AMR, MKA, M4A, AAC, AIFF etc on Mac

2. High compatibility with popular Mac applications
With the best SWF to MOV Mac converter you can output SWF videos to MOV for playback on iTunes, editing in iMovie, FCE, FCP and burning to DVD with iDVD.

3. Provide the function of editing
You are allowed to set video output settings including resolution, frame rate, encoder, and bit rate.

4. Super-fast conversion speed and high output quality?
SWF to MOV converter for Mac provides super fast conversion speed, completely support Intel dual core CPU. According to the preview, you could experience the high output quality. Have a free try.

5. Support to download online SWF files
Download online Flash SWF files by Copying the URL to the program, then all SWF videos on the web page can be detected and download to your local.

Software Reviews for Home and Business

Software Reviews for Home and Business

Our Spotlight On Quality Software…

Rockbridge Reviews publishes technology and software product reviews focusing our spotlight on the needs of the home and small business. Many of the products we review can be obtained right here via direct link or at our sister site Rockbridge Downloads.

Rockbridge Reviews and Downloads are owned and maintained by Rockbridge Services, LLC.


PC Speed Maximizer Software

PC Speed Maximizer Software

Feel the need for speed?

These seven PC health utilities are among the best top rated products that come with free download versions on the internet. They can all correct problems on your PC and get it back up to running at full horse power.  We assembled these particular seven for our network of readers and subscribers. They are top freeware and trialware from some of our 50+ vendors that we are licensed to distribute.  ALL SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS COME DIRECTLY TO YOU FROM THE SOFTWARE COMPANY…

The nice thing about freeware and trialware is that often just running the free version is enough to get your PC back up running at the speeds you expect. Or at least get it diagnosed so you know what is causing your speed problem so you can correct it.

There are TV ads running for this type of PC speed optimization software every day right now. They use these very same software algorithims but repackaged in a different way.  The all work on the same principles except some are free and don’t cost you an arm and a leg like those on the late night TV infomercials like SpeedUpMyPC MyPCspeed .com and others do.

Some of the very best listed here are RegCure, RegCurePro (exceptional), PC Health Advisor ( very comprehensive). They usually provide updated or pro versions which add more tools and features if you find you like their free versions.  The software developers for the products listed here, like ParetoLogic. PCTools and Avanquest, all fully understand that folks want to try something out for free before deciding to buy it.  We recommend any of these seven fine products for the specific areas they focus on.

Each one can help speed up your PC significantly in their own unique way… PC Health Advisor is all inclusive for instance. You can learn more about any product at their software company’s homepage link included in the description or read some of the other articles here at Rockbridge Reviews and at our sister site Rockbridge Downloads to find out more about PC performance enhancing software.


RegCure – Top Rated PC registry clean up and PC performance optimizer updated for 2012+. There is no better stand alone registry cleaner than RegCure – includes pro version upgrade option below.  Product HomePage
  RegCure PRO – Next Generation of RegCure – includes RegCure standard the most popular registry cleaner above but on steroids! – plus extra added features for 2012.  Product HomePage
  SpeedyPC PRO– Gets your computer back up to speed by addressing several key problem areas. For example, as well as finding registry errors and malware, its main scan identifies unwanted processes that are hogging valuable resources.  
PC Tools Internet Security – PC Tools Internet Security combines the award-winning security technologies from PC Tools, including Spyware Doctor AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, Firewall Plus and Spam protection, to provide complete integrated protection.  Product Home Page
Avanquest Outlook PST Repair – Quickly recovers, totally repairs and restores your Emails, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Calendar items that have been lost due to damaged or corrupted Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files (.pst). Great for business users looking for a rapid email repair and recovery program. Product Home Page
PC Health AdvisorParetoLogic’s NEW VERSION 2.0 Now includes DEVICE DRIVER updates and driver management, Premium REGISTRY CLEANER, FILE EXTENSION software database, remove SPYWARE/MALWARE processes running in memory, ERASE HISTORY & protect identity, BOOST PC SPEED and much more …. Product Home Page
  XoftSpySE– Finds and eliminates Spyware, Adware and over 250,000 potentially harmful applications in just a couple of minutes! Designed to scan your whole computer to detect Spyware then quarantine the infected files for immediate protection, it’s your fast, dependable defense against Spyware of all kinds from ParetoLogic Product Home Page
Having Trouble Uninstalling and Reinstalling Software?

Having Trouble Uninstalling and Reinstalling Software?

How to fix pc ...Here is a topic many of our readers have asked about:  How do I fix the common problem of software conflicts due to leftover registry keys and orphan files when uninstalling software or attempting to reinstall software. For some software uninstalling and reinstalling software improperly opens a nasty can of worms.  iTunes is a good example… the more complex the program is the more likely you are to have this problem if you don’t uninstall it correctly. We put together a guide that we have found works for most software installed on a PC.  Like everything else in this world there are no 100% guarantees. Some users have latent viruses and malware that are creating registry conflicts that won’t be helped by the following. More on that later…

How To Properly Uninstall and Reinstall Software

If you are having trouble uninstalling and reinstalling software you probably experianceing registry conflicts if you are using a PC… or some registry keys were not cleaned up and removed when you uninstalled the software or tried to write over it. The PC thinks its still there or there is a conflict with old registry keys so it can’t install. This happens with some software.  ( if you are using a MAC disregard )  The following help is for PC users only:

First — if you have not done so already, try using the Add / Remove programs utility in your Windows Control Panel. You can find step by step screenshots and instructions on how to do this at this reference site:

If that doesn’t work, or if the software does not show up at all in your control panel,  then follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Select and download any good software uninstaller application that has a free demo or trial version and try that first. Most of the time the free version is enough to fix the problem – (there are some good ones listed at the link above or you can find some over at Rockbridge Downloads).
  • Step 2 – Install and run the free software uninstaller you selected and follow its instructions carefully – you should see a screen with a listing of all the programs installed on your PC; often more programs than those normally listed in your Add / Remove control panel. Most uninstallers will find software that does not show up in your Add/Remove control panel.
  • Step 3 – Find the software you want to uninstall, then select and click “uninstall”. All good uninstaller software will do the rest automatically.  This next part is very important:
  • Step 4 – Sometimes you also have to clean up your computer’s PC registry and remove leftover software keys and orphan files from the uninstalled software after running the uninstaller. Some of the more advanced “pro” version uninstaller programs have this feature already built into it and will do the registry cleanup and a backup automatically but some don’t. If yours doesn’t, then just use RegCure it usually works just as good — you can find a free link to it on the reference site above. If your uninstaller software does have a registry cleaner built into it – be sure to use it !
New Free Website Creator at Rockbridge Hosting

New Free Website Creator at Rockbridge Hosting

Free Website Creator Tools

Have you have ever thought about having more than a Facebook on line presence but were just not sure how to set up a real website of your own cheaply?  If so then you are in luck…  Check into our new Web Site Creator software program which is free when you register your own very own unique domain name with Rockbridge Hosting!  Have your own .COM website address and a free website set up in no time and less than even the Go Daddy promotions you see on TV.  They are more expensive and you end up designing the website yourself anyway!  You can’t beat a real website solution for under $20 / year! Its worth checking out.

You can find step by step instructions at Rockbridge Hosting on how to design a website yourself with simple point and click instructions with numerous professional themes to choose from.  Just load the theme, and edit.  That’s it. You have a basic functional website set up with your own unique domain name for under $20 / year ( essentially a free site ) for only the cost of registering your unique domain name with us. Stop by and find out just how easy it is !!

If you prefer something more professional with more complex features, there are numerous options available right up to professionally designed websites by Rockbridge Designs — our website design company… and you receive a 20% discount on a custom site if you have already registered your domain name with Rockbridge Hosting and set up a Do It Yourself Website Creator in the past.  Check Rockbridge Designs for many custom website design options using the powerful, flexible and scalable WordPress CRM platform if you would rather have a professional design your website. Visit them to find out more details of their current offers…